'Confirmation' FAQs

  • Why must I confirm my order after purchasing?

Since every fireplace is different, we want to make sure that we have a complete understanding of your fireplace and all relevant measurements. This step also allows us to see if there are any upgrades required for your mantel like angled corners, raised hearth, etc. that would adjust the price of your mantel.

  • What would cause my mantel to cost more than standard pricing?

All pricing found on our website applies to standard mantels. This means that the mantel will be installed on a flat surface without any special conditions. The following is a helpful list of the costs associated with common mantel design solutions: (visit customization page for more info)

  • +$75 Angled Corners
  • +$150 Wrap-Around Crown & Shelf
  • +$175 Wrap-Around Legs
  • +$350 - $600 Extended Depth
  • +$100 - $150 Oversize Mantel
  • +$300 - $600 Raised Hearth
  • +80% Overmantel
  • Why have I been provided a Custom Quote?

You will only receive a formal quote on two occasions:

  • You have Contacted Us and you prefer this method of payment
  • Your fireplace requires upgrades like angles, raised hearth, etc.
  • Why must I provide written approval of mantel dimensions?

During order confirmation, you will need to review and ultimately approve the provided mantel dimensions. This helps ensure that all parties have the same expectations and are looking at the same project details.

  • Can I customize the design details of Accolade mantels?

Yes, since every mantel we build is custom made, you have the opportunity to refine the style and composition of each design. An easy way to customize your fireplace mantel is to interchange specific elements from different mantels. (Learn more on the Customization page)


For example, if you like the legs of one mantel and the header of another, we can combine them to create a complete new design. Also, we can even get as detailed as switching different mouldings, millwork paneling style & layering, appliques, columns, & capitals.

  • How accurate must my fireplace measurements be?

Normally +/- 1/8 of an inch is sufficient when providing measurements. Sometimes there are measurements that need to be as exact as possible, and we will identify them as such during our review process.

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  • What if I need help measuring my fireplace mantel?

If you uncomfortable measuring your fireplace, it would be best if you find the help of a local handyman or contractor. Ideally, this would be the same person who will be completing the installation. To find local service providers we recommend:


- Thumbtack - Yelp! - Angie's List

  • What are the dimensions of each Fireplace Mantel?

The standard dimensions for each fireplace mantel design can be found below the photo gallery of each mantel. Usually these standard measurements can be changed to fit your requirements, but sometimes they cannot - It really depends on the mantel design. 

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  • How can I get the right paint or stain finish on my Mantel?

Please visit our Paint & Stain Finishes page for more details. Besides telling us what paint or stain color you'd like,  you can send us your own paint/stain sample and we can match it. Additionally, we offer some very unique glazing finishes to make your mantel really pop! Free samples available after order confirmation.

  • Why was my order canceled and payment returned?

There are two reasons this would occur:

  • Your fireplace cannot accommodate our mantels
  • You did not complete the order confirmation process
  • I no longer want a mantel... Can I get a refund?

You are entitled to a full refund at any time BEFORE the order confirmation process is complete.

After your order has been confirmed you can no longer receive a refund because the process of building your mantel has begun.

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