Mantel Customization

When looking over our lovely Mantel designs, please keep in mind that you have the freedom and flexibility to add, remove, or interchange mantel features. For example, many times our customers like a header of one mantel and the legs of another. We can usually combine different elements to create an entirely new design.


This also applies with different mouldings and embellishments seen throughout our mantel designs. For instance, if you like a mantel design but not the portrayed crown moulding, we can swap it out with a moulding that you like from a different mantel!

  • There are a few details that may affect the cost of your mantel:

All pricing found on our website applies to standard mantels. This means that the mantel will be installed on a flat surface without any special solutions. The following lists the costs associated with common mantel design solutions: 

  • +$75 Angled Corners
  • +$150 Wrap-Around Crown & Shelf
  • +$175 Wrap-Around Legs
  • +$350 - $600 Extended Depth
  • +$100 - $150 Oversize Mantel
  • +$300 - $600 Raised Hearth
  • +80% Overmantel