Mantel Glazing Options

Paint Glaze:

When glazing is done to a painted mantel a solid undertone is created which provides maximum contrast to the glazing that is rubbed into the profiles. After the base-coat is applied, the color glaze is rubbed into all of the moulding and trim reliefs, causing all of the detail to be visually enhanced and more noticeable.

Stain Glaze:

A glazed finish can also be applied to a stained mantel. This effect gets the best of both worlds: natural wood grain with moulding profiles that have higher visual contrast. This is helpful on light and dark wood tones alike, as sometimes the wood grain can slightly mask the lines in the mantel's mouldings.

**When purchasing your fireplace mantel, please keep in mind that glaze finishes will extend the built-time. Because of the multiple layers of paint and/or stain required for these unique finishes our lead time is adjusted from 2 - 3 weeks to 3 - 4 weeks. This is because additional drying time is required when creating these exquisite finishes.

Glazing Options:




Bordeaux Blanc


Orchard Rouge


Café Au Lait


Smokey Brun


Antique Distressed


Driftwood Marine


Weathered Jade


Hazelnut Affogato


Earthen Honey


Burnt Raven


Sandy Hideaways