Mantel Paint Finishes

White Paint:

A great place to start when choosing a paint mantel finish is matching the existing white paint used in the immediate fireplace area. Usually this means the white paint color used on the trim or doors in the area. Just let us know what color and sheen (shine level of the paint) to use and we will apply the same color to your new mantel.

Custom Colors:

Sometimes customers paint their mantel a special color to accentuate the fireplace. We can go with any color you prefer. Sometimes clients would like to use very high-end paints that are hard to match. In this case, we may request that the customer send us the paint to be applied.

Color Matching:

We have the ability to custom match your existing hardwood colors. This includes hardwood floors, wood trim, furniture, or cabinetry. Just send us a wood color sample and we can computer-match the color and apply to your new mantel!