Terms & Conditions of Purchase

> Order Confirmation

  • Order Confirmation takes place after the online checkout process. Since every fireplace is different, we want to make sure that we have a complete understanding of your fireplace and all relevant measurements. This step also allows us to see if there are any upgrades required for your mantel like angled corners, raised hearth, etc. that would adjust the price of your mantel.
  • All pricing found on our website applies to standard mantels. This means that the mantel will be installed on a flat surface without any special solutions. The following lists the costs associated with common mantel design solutions: (visit Customization page for more info, visit Order Confirmation page for general pricing
  • You will only receive a formal quote on two occasions:
    • You selected the 'Invoice' payment method during checkout
    • Your fireplace requires upgrades like angles, raised hearth, etc. 
  • If you have received a formal quote, you will need to review the details and ultimately approve the document with your signature. This helps ensure that all parties have the same expectations and are looking at the same project details.

> Returns

  • You are entitled to a full refund after your purchase, but before the order confirmation process is complete. To confirm your order, you'll need to supply us your fireplace measurements and provide written approval of our mantel build-to dimensions. After your order has been confirmed you can no longer receive a refund because we immediately begin the process of building your mantel.
  • If you'd like a refund anytime before your order has been confirmed, we will immediately process your refund request. Please note that sometimes the funds may take between 7 - 10 business days to be returned to your card or account.
  • There are limited occasions when we will initiate a refund for your initial purchase. They are:
  1. After review, we determine that your fireplace cannot accommodate a mantel.
  2. Failure to complete the order confirmation process within 10 business days after initiating your purchase.

> Warranty Claims

  • Please take a moment to view our Lifetime Quality Guarantee page. If you experience unsatisfactory conditions due to material or workmanship defects, click button below to email us and we'll send along a form that you can fill out which captures the issue and helps facilitate the solution. 

> Free Shipping

  • Our Free Delivery is for "curb-side delivery" which means that the crate will be taken off the back of a box truck and placed in an immediate and easily accessible area. This delivery does not include any transport of the crate (even into a garage), up any stairs, or into a residence. This delivery also does not include the disposal of crating material. Finally, this delivery does not include redelivery charges if recipient isn't present at time of scheduled delivery.
  • Please make sure that when you schedule your delivery, you will have the time and ability to move the crate into a secure location or open the crate and bring mantel contents into your residence.
  • Since the average mantel crate is 160 lbs. we recommend having 2 moving dollies on hand to assist in crate transport. If moving dollies are unavailable, it is advised that two people are present to move crate to a secure location if required.
  • If you are able to open your crate in a driveway or sidewalk, a single person can open the crate and remove it's contents. After mantel contents are removed, the crate can be broken down into manageable size parts for disposal.
  • Again, the average mantel crate weighs approximately 160 lbs. However, if you have a tall or deep mantel constructed, this weight can increase dramatically. If this should occur, we will notify you in advance in order to discuss crating options and other solutions to make receiving your new mantel as easy as possible! 
  • If you are unable to arrange the help needed to move the crate into a safe location and require the assistance of the delivery truck driver, they will be able to help to some degree - but will charge you directly for any additional services that they provide. Feel free to discuss moving options with you delivery truck driver to see what they are permitted to do and at what cost!

Accolade will not be responsible for additional delivery fees including "Inside Delivery" "Redelivery" "Storage" or "Trash Removal/Disposal". If incurred, these charges will be billed directly to the recipient of the crate. View the prices of these additional delivery services HERE.


*Free shipping applies to all orders within the lower 48 states. 

*We will write up a quote to cover the cost of shipping to all other locations. 

This amount to be paid before shipment is made.