Fireplace Mantel Installation

Our mantels are easy to install. Mantel installations normally take between 2 - 4 hours. Please take a moment to learn about finding a qualified installer in your area as well as some helpful photos and instructions about the installation process... 

Finding an Installer

If you don't want to install your mantel yourself, we recommend finding a reliable handyman or contractor in your area. The best online service we have found is called Thumbtack.


Thumbtack is a great online resource! Just fill out your project description (in this case a fireplace mantel installation) and you will receive multiple quotes from qualified service companies within a matter of minutes...all for FREE!


Steps to Install Mantel:

Installing our mantels is easy. Simply remove the mantel from the crate, click on the legs, and fasten to the wall surrounding your fireplace. 

*Click gallery pictures for captions

 Step 1: Uncrate

 Step 2: Assemble

 Step 3: Install Nailers

 Step 4: Fasten Mantel

All that remains:

  • Fill holes with white caulk and wipe away with wet rag
  • For stained mantels, fill holes with matching wood putty, wipe with dry rag
  • Using white caulk, fill in any gaps along the wall and wipe clean with wet rag
  • Using extra paint/stain provided, touch up paint or stain with dry rag as needed