Order Confirmation takes place after the online checkout process. Since every fireplace is different, we want to make sure that we have a complete understanding of your fireplace and all relevant measurements. This step also allows us to see if there are any upgrades required for your mantel like angled corners, raised hearth, etc. that would adjust the price of your mantel.

All pricing found on our website applies to standard mantels. This means that the mantel will be installed on a flat surface without any special solutions. The following lists the costs associated with common mantel design solutions:

+$75 Angled Corners
+$150 Wrap-Around Crown & Shelf
+$175 Wrap-Around Legs
+$350 - $600 Extended Depth
+$100 - $150 Oversize Mantel
+$300 - $600 Raised Hearth
+80% Overmantel

You will only receive a formal quote on two occasions:
1. You selected the 'Invoice' payment method during checkout
2. Your fireplace requires upgrades like angles, raised hearth, etc.
If you have received a formal quote, you will need to review the details and ultimately approve the document with your signature. This helps ensure that all parties have the same expectations and are looking at the same project details.