Congress Mantel

All mantels are made from scratch to fit your fireplace!

Starting at: $1,540

Congress Dimensions:

  • 16 3/4" Header height
  • 9 3/4" Top Shelf depth
  • 8 1/4" Leg width
  • 4" Leg depth
  • 3 3/4" Crown & Shelf Extension 

The Congress Fireplace Mantel is a refined design that combines spaciousness with tasteful ornamentation. Parallel embossed mouldings run along top and bottom edges of header while decorative astragal boxes neatly adorn the left and right raised surfaces.


The stately header sits atop wooden flourishes patterned after Corinthian capitals. The Congress Mantel legs are interesting in that they convey the look and feel of cylindrical fluted columns yet they remain flattened and two-dimensional in comparison. The Congress Wood Mantel is a great choice for someone looking for a classical column style without wanting their mantel to extend to far into their living space as many of our other mantels do.

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