Fireplace Mantel Gallery - Featured Projects

 After making and installing hundreds of mantels, here are some of our favorite projects to date.

We consider it an honor to spend our time working on such impactful projects - and we hope yours is next!


Featured Projects

Vintage White Double Mantel

Before the Installation of a Classic White Painted Wood Fireplace Mantel surround
Tall and Elegant Vintage White Double Fireplace Mantel

This Columbia Mantel fireplace transformation project was a complete success! Our clients wanted to soften the obnoxious presence of their protruding fireplace. We recommended a somewhat paradoxical solution: let's make it bigger.


By adding the overmantel above the firebox, the illusion is created that the fireplace doesn't come out so far after all. And beyond the perception of depth comes the vertical sightline from floor to ceiling - which calls attention to the height of the ceiling and the spaciousness of the room!

Bachelor's Modern Mantel

Modern Seattle Wood Fireplace Mantel with White Paint Finish
Cat Found a place to Chill on this Modern Mantel
Cat Approved

At the time of this fireplace upgrade our Seattle Mantel was just a concept. But this project allowed us to apply some more modern finishes like cove crown and angled panel mould to one of our more traditionally styled Los Angeles Mantel.


This home was chock full of unique decor and modern furniture, so we thought it only fitting to compliment the aesthetic with a striking mantelpiece that would act as a statement of it's own, but wouldn't distract attention away from the other prominent features within the space. We were thrilled to contribute to this home both an architectural feature - as well as an unanticipated catwalk.

Double Mantel with Library

Before Installation of Massive Library and Fireplace Unit
After Installation of Charming White Floor to Ceiling Fireplace Mantel Assembly

We have to hand it to these special clients; they had a vision! Unhappy with their behemoth of a fireplace jutting out aggressively into their living space, they began a conversation with us to solve both the look and usefulness (or lack thereof) of this prominent wall in their home. After a few conversations it became clear that they were on a noble quest for both form and function, beauty and utility, and that we would have to reach deep into our bag of tricks to oblige!


We designed this fireplace unit to include visual layering as to avoid making the assembly too stark and featureless, especially considering it's size and the impact it would have on the room. The fireplace mantel and overmantel were decidedly the most pronounced features, and from there, the bookshelves diminish in both depth and vertical stature. This proved an effective approach to adding architectural features as well as softening the visual weight across the breadth of the design.

White Modern Surround

This white Modern Fireplace Mantel Surround is ready to party
White Clean Lined Modern Wood Fireplace mantel
Ready to party

We hadn't a clue while installing this Seattle Mantel that our clients were such superior decorators! Prior to the mantel installation, the fireplace failed to capture the charm, form, and function of this fireplace/built-in cabinet combination wall. With no wood mantel centering the built-in cabinets, these details seemed distant and disconnected from one another.


Yet adding this modern fireplace surround did wonders in solving this visual disconnect. The mantel reaches from side to side and essentially connects the shelving units in space. Also, the painted finish adds just the right pop of bright white to liven up the room, which is especially stunning when contrasted to the dark stained floors!

Clean Contemporary Mantel

Ultra Clean and Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantel Surround
Before Installation of White Modern Wood Fireplace Mantel Surround
After Clean White Modern Mantel Surround Installed

We see this type of fireplace all the time - bumped out into the room with recessed spaces on either side, and a 'builder's grade' fireplace mantel in the middle... barely passing as a complete fireplace setup. While some people are content with the bare minimum, we say, 'Nay!'


Our client wanted to keep things modern and forward thinking so we same up with a custom design which is now known as our Clybourn Mantel. In this case, we also put together some matching side cabinets to house cable boxes and other media devices. Another Accolade project that serves in both form and function!!

Ultra Mod Fireplace Surround

Ultra Super Duper Modern Mantel Surround
Closer Up
Closer Up

The basic design of our Brighton Fireplace Mantel played an important role in this eclectic interior. This living room decor features many deep colors and bold textures, in both the fabrics as well as the walls. The colors and patterns have an organic feel and a relaxed vibe.


Decidedly, the angular design of our mantel provided a playful contrast. In a room filled varying colors and textures, the Brighton Mantel is a balanced counterpart that represents the evolutionary spirit that is interior design.


Featured Projects