Limited Lifetime Warranty

"All of our mantels are forever covered against material and workmanship defects. If you experience unsatisfactory conditions due to our failure in material selection or quality of assembly, let us know and we will work earnestly to repair or replace your mantel."



*The following conditions are not covered by our quality guarantee:


>> Damage occurring during installation by either customer or by a third party installer. If damage to mantelpiece happens, we will be able to offer free advice on repair as well as replacement parts at additional cost to customer.


>> Warping or other damage caused by installing mantel too close to firebox. To maintain our guarantee, we require that a minimum of 8" side-distance and 10" top-distance be left between our mantel surrounds and the edges of your firebox. If mantel is installed closer than these minimums, the heat from the fireplace is at risk of damaging the mantel and voiding our guarantee.


>> Caulk separation between trim elements, creating hairline 'cracks' that appear from the movement of individual trim pieces over seasonal humidity and temperature changes. This can be remedied with some white painters caulk and a wet rag.


>> Hairline cracks in paint occurring at wood joints and miters. Considering that wood is an an organic element it is important to understand that even after processing, wood continues to move and change. This happens with humidity and temperature fluctuations, especially during seasonal changes. As cells in the wood saturate and desaturate with the seasons, hairline cracks in paint sometimes occur. This effect is common with all interior woodwork and can be observed happening to cabinets, doors, crown moulding and baseboard - and especially fireplace mantels - where dryness and temperatures are higher than anywhere else in the home.


If this occurs to your mantel, a simple solution it to use white painters caulk, a wet rag, and the touchup paint provided with your fireplace mantel to fill in small gaps or cracks seasonally as needed.