Poplar Wood Fireplace Mantels

Poplar is a poplular wood choice for a custom fireplace mantel surround


Hardwood Poplar is the most common wood utilized in the fabrication of our Custom Fireplace Mantels. A Custom Poplar Mantel is the primary choice when looking for a semi-gloss or satin paint enamel finish. This is due to its smoothness and affordability.


A Poplar Fireplace Mantel is the most economical wood specie option due to its abundance. Our Poplar Fireplace Mantel Surrounds are available in both paint and stain-grade levels. We use a lesser quality Poplar Hardwood material when building a paint-grade mantel, and a higher quality "Clear Poplar" material with no knots when making a stain-grade Poplar Mantel.


Mantel Designs Available in Poplar Wood:

Argyle Fireplace Mantel