Reclaimed Pine Wood Fireplace Mantels

Antique Heart Pine is a wonderful wood choice for a custom fireplace mantel surround


Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine is a sensational hardwood fireplace material offering. Salvaged from old barns and industrial buildings, Antique Heart Pine is rare and in high demand. Being an "old growth" lumber, Antique Heart was harvested nearly a century ago from trees then aged in the hundreds of years.


Contrast this with most trees milled today which average an age of 2 - 5 years, pumped full of artificial nutrients for speedy growth rates. The  difference between Antique Heart Pine and common Pine is large in both grain pattern and durability. An Reclaimed Pine Fireplace Mantel has some of the most dramatic graining available anywhere; regular pine - not even close.


Mantel Designs Available in Reclaimed Pine Wood: